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Segmen Kenalkan Diri - CIK i l y

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1. Real name: Nuraina Husna Binti Jamalullail
2. Nickname: Aina,ena,gemuk,bla bla bla
3. Starsign and Age: Forever virgonian! Tak perlukan kelahiran semula,Im happy with it :p Im 15 years 6 months 20 days !
4. Male or Female: Male. Tk caya ce tengok gambar,handsome woooo

8. Other: instagram HERE wechat? Ummm,dok ingat ah :3

9. Hair color: Dark brownish
10. Long or short: Cane nak describe eh? Bawah dia macam curl lembut besar besar tu. Ikal mayang eh? haa,gitu le.wkwkwk

11. Loud or Quiet: depends on my mood :D
12. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
13. Phone or camera:  If I've galaxy note II,I'll prefer phone. hehe. Camera udah lama tak gunaa
14. Health Freak: maybeee? em em
15. Drink or smoke: Those things have no advantages to myself.

16. Do you have a crush on someone: No. He's mine now ^^

17. Eat or drink: Both of them are important to me.
18. Piercings: I don't have it. Cuma tindiknya ada lah :3
19. Tattoos: Astaghfirullahalazim

Have You EverBeen in a relationship: Im in relationship now :)
Quarrel with someone u like: No

Been in a car accident: Never,alhamdulillah

Been in a fist fight: Nope

First Piercing: When I was 6 years old,I didn't like it actually,being forced by maksu -_-

Best Friend(s): Izzati,Faten,Zalifah,Alya

Award(s): Yeah,ada jugak :)

Crush: I don't have a crush,hehe

Vacation: Vacation yang pernah pergi or belum tpi nak pergi? Kalau dream vacation, Makkah,Paris,Korea,Venice. Ambik kau,banyak tak? :p

Last Person you talked to: Mom. lol
Person you texted to: no one now. didn't check my phone yet
Person(s) you watched movie with: Family exclude abah

Food you ate: *today* ayam masak kicap,nasi of course,chocolate,chocolate chip cookies
Drink you drank: Skyjuice *ayaq masak laaaa*

Movie you watched: Too many but not in cinema.Havent been there for quite too long.
Song listened to: Youre the answer to a guy like me by Leessang *pengaruh running man*

Thing(s) you bought: Takde lagi,tunggu shopping dulu :p

Person you hugged: No one. bantal busuk adalah :p

Favourite Food: Spaghetti,char kuey teow,pasta,lasagna,mcd,pizza,salad,coleslaw,aaaaaa lots of food!
Drinks: Limau suam *dulu ada bnyak,atas faktor kesihatan terpaksa tolak semua tu T_T

Have you ever Kissed in the snow: Kissed? KISSED? Tunggu honeymoon tempat bersalji dulu :p
Celebrated Halloween: HARAM IN ISLAM
Had your heart broken: Few times,but Im happy now,so happy :)
Went over the limits on your cell phone: Um,naaaa......
Came out of the closet: When I was a kid few years ago.awww,kyeowooo :p

Gotten pregnant: Tunggu ikatan sah dulu,wkwkwk
Had an abortion: Na'uzubillah min zalik

Done something you've regretted: Ada lah jugak..
Broke a promise: Sometimes terpaksa tu buat lah,certain times.lol
Hide a secret: Yes,ada benda perlu dirahsiakan ^^
Pretended to be happy: Sometimes,just wanna see people we care the most happy
Met someone who changed your life: Yes of course :D
Pretended to be sick: Masa kecik kecik,taknak pergi sekolah punya pasal.
Left the country: What for? unspecific questions. explanation?

Tried something you normally wouldn't try:  Would love to! tak ingat ada buat ke tak
Cried over the silliest thing: Yeah,its the normal thing when girls are on period
Ran a mile: Perkara biasaa~ *gigitjari*
Went to the beach with your best friend(s): Tak pernah pun *sedih*

Stay single the whole year: No,paling lama 9 months je. InsyaAllah,takde single dah :)

Currently Eating: Im full now *burrggg*
Drinking: Im full now. yeah........................
Listening to: *now* I will show you by Ailee

Waiting for: shopping or go outside.......

Your future

Want kids: Of course, hoping for twins,ehe ehe ehe
Want to get married: Ianya sunnah,siapa taknak :)
Careers in mind: Careers in financial and banking or business management. haritu buat ujian minat kerjaya terbukti ^^

Which of it is better for boys/girls?

Lips or eye: Both are better
Shorter or taller: Prefer taller guy.
Romantic or spontaneous: Both of them,kalau romantic sangat geli pulak,kalau spontan sangat nak kena sepak agaknya.hahaha
Nice stomach or nice arm: Arm :)
Sensitive or loud: Balance lah,jangan cencitip sangat,annoying siaaaa~
Single or relationship: Currently in love
Noisy or quiet: Depends on situation and my mood

Have you ever Lost lasses/contacts: Yeah.
Ran aways from home: Never do that,Allah masih kuatkan diri,tkperlu nk lari,risiko tinggi.
Hold a gun or knife for self defense: For self defense? No,tak pernah.
Broke someone's heart: I don't know,they don't even tell me. Maybe ada..
Been arrested: Mintak simpang wooo. Menjejaskan rekod.haha
Cried when you lost someone: It is a MUST.

Do you believe in

Yourself: Yes, but bila tengah nervous,turun percents
Miracles: Yes.
Love at first sight: Of course.
Heaven: Lillahitaala,I believe .
Things last forever: Certain things,mengikut kehendak Allah,If Allah wants it last forever,then it will

Is there one person you want to be with right now: YES.
Is there a person you make a promise with now: YES.
Is there a person that you can't forget now: YES. He still at Jakarta now. cepatlah balik :'c
Is there something you really want to do now: Now? Refresh my face,rimas woo.minyak minyak. and HOMEWORK tergendala
Is there something you really wish to have it now: Yes. too many
Is there something you wanted to say to someone now: YES. too many things to say. and most importantly is miss him.
01 JUN 2013